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The concept of the African-American Postal League United for Success (A-PLUS) was established on July 11, 1987 in Philadelphia, PA by a group of postal employees attending a congratulatory event for the newest African-American members of the Postal Career Executive System (PCES). Members of the group saw a need for a forum in which to discuss mutual objectives and techniques to ensure that African-Americans held meaningful and responsible positions in the Postal Service. The motivating forces behind this organization had seen the following factors:

(1) a lessening of commitment to the concepts of affirmative action.
(2) a decreasing number of PCES candidates entering the pipeline.
(3) a decreasing number of executives, and
(4) a need for an organization to assist the U. S. Postal Service to move forward toward a full utilization of its African-American employees.

The combined years of these experienced postal executives and managers supplied a formidable bank of knowledge that should be tapped for the benefit of all African-American postal employees. With this in mind, responsive persons met in Chicago on September 12, 1987 to launch this organization. At the conclusion of this meeting, the name of the organization had been selected and Frank C. Goldie was nominated as the interim president.

Currently, A-PLUS, with over 1,000 members, is well on its way toward making a difference.

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